The Get Thinking Hub

The Get Thinking Hub is aimed at using and embracing the Thinking Environment. This is a set of practices built upon the work of Nancy Kline, Time To Think.

I am a Thinking Environment Practitioner and Occupational Health Advisor basing my work on the thinking environment.

The Thinking Environment believes:

“The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first; and the quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking”.  Nancy Kline.

This can apply to all areas of our lives: the workplace, the classroom, family and social interactions. We are now in a society which is in information abundance and overwhelm. We now have attention scarcity meaning our focus and attention is in decline. Our thinking is continually being interrupted and influenced by others and our surroundings.

Our hectic lives and the growing input from outside influences can significantly hinder independent thought. Decisions become harder to make in meetings with ongoing debate. We become time poor instead of time rich. Our technology is hindering rather than helping many of us. The Thinking Environment brings back time and space to think. It reduces distraction and focuses our thinking on what needs to be achieved. It allows insight for individuals, teams and ultimately a culture for change. Untrue limiting assumptions are recognised and overcome. Employee retention and engagement increases. Productivity improves alongside individuals’ wellbeing, and sense of value. It is a simple process, but needs practice and understanding.

“I feel better equipped now because I wasn’t advised what to do, rather I was helped to think for myself.” 

Workshop, Thinking Environment

Many of my clients say I’ve changed their lives. They came looking for a specific answer, but our work together changed their whole mindset, their relationships with not only their colleagues at work but their family and friends too. It impacted everything and gave meaning to what they were doing in every aspect of their lives.

I give people the chance to be listened to uninterrupted and without judgement. The experience is profound and people are amazed the effect it has on them. They say it changed their lives and relationships.


Find out if my programme is right for you.

The first step is a free 30 min chat which I call a Discovery Session. This takes place over Zoom. We will discuss what your concern is, I will outline what we could do and most importantly we will get to see if we can work with together. 

I will follow up the Discovery Session with a Bespoke Programme Recommendation, which will include costs and timescales and then give you the time to decide if you would like to proceed.

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