Client names and images have been changed to protect their confidentiality


Patrick came to me because he was feeling low and uninspired by life. He felt everything was too much effort.

We discussed when the last time was that he felt empowered and interested. Once this had been established, we were able to work out what was taking away his enthusiasm. This gave Patrick insight into what was important in his life.

Working through these elements allowed him to see that it was the job he was in that was the main cause of his disillusionment with life. By the end of our sessions he had left the job (which was a business within her family) and started a new career using a skill and passion from his earlier life.

Patrick is now in the process of pursuing this career full time having worked out all the logistics and pitfalls. He has realized how much this career means to him and how important it is having a great life/work balance.


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I will follow up the Discovery Session with a Bespoke Programme Recommendation, which will include costs and timescales and then give you the time to decide if you would like to proceed.

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