Hi, I’m Joanne.

I started my career in nursing, not sure why as I didn’t really want to go and be a nurse. But I stuck to it (I felt guilty as my mum had bought me a fob watch which she couldn’t really afford). I felt I had to continue….I carried on and became a nurse. I didn’t know what to do next. But luckily I fell in to occupational health and coaching which was quite by accident. I realised this was the path for me.

I now look back and realise what amazing experiences I have had, the people I’ve met and the diverse companies I’ve worked in. It challenged the many self-limiting beliefs I had and the challenges I thought were not possible to achieve. My need to help others and help them recognise the way we treat others had such an impact meant I transitioned easily into the field I am in now.

My client referral changed from a requirement of physical support to a psychological understanding and help. This became even more apparent during and after the pandemic when companies and employees were questioning why they worked and why weren’t they feeling fulfilled and valued.

I was becoming more and more aware of how companies were getting very good at the sticking plaster approach but not good at figuring out and dealing with the diagnosis, ‘the actual Cause’. We were losing and some had already lost the Human Connection. Generative listening and giving full attention to human interactions were becoming harder to undertake due to the advent of social media, Teams, Zoom etc. Everything was planned and became habit forming. Inefficiency was coming out of meetings with despair from employees at the lack of progress due to the overwhelm of meetings.

I invested more and more into my need to change this and to help organisations become time rich instead of time poor, to bring back that human connection approach and for meetings to have a purpose and actual outcomes, for employees to want to join a company, to stay involved, energised and excited which ultimately allowing the Organisation to prosper and increase their productivity.


I now want others to be seen, heard and listened to.. To feel valued as an individual and feel unique. When you start recognising your own thoughts and how important your own thinking is then you start living the life you were meant to have. 

The process can be very emotional but this demonstrates how important it is for you to start living this way. I always feel I am watching a new Geyser breaking through the earth’s crust when I see someone having a breakthrough with their thoughts.

My Mission Statement

To bring kindness, humility, equality, authenticity and empathy into every human connection and interaction.

I want people to remember the feeling of being seen, heard and listened to. To feel unique and individual.