• Focus on the purpose and outcome wanted.
  • Include and gain everyone’s thinking and new insights.


  • Interruptions and extended meetings will be a thing of the past.
  • Meetings will begin to have deep, impactful and time rich.
  • Individuals will feel seen, heard and listened to.
Growth by Timothy Eberly


  • Interactions change and become more engaged, valued and inspiring.
  • Individuals begin to look forward to meetings as they feel meetings are focused and meaningful.
  • Individuals feel valued.

Inspire and Ignite Thinking

  • Do you feel your culture is becoming part of the silent resignation, lacking engagement and reluctant to think out loud?
  • Do you want your team meetings to have value, members feeling unique and individual rather than stifled, uninspired and stagnant?
  • By developing a fresh approach you can make every interaction valuable. Individuals feel they are heard and listened to, and there is a sense of inclusivity and interest in everyone’s thinking.
  • The Thinking Environment creates this with meetings becoming succinct, actionable with an increase in productivity and a feeling of value being created for your employees and ultimately for your business.

How I can Help

I will aim to bring in a culture of independent and generative thinking to your organisation via The Thinking Environment.

Bespoke programs can help your team find focus, clarity and move forward.

How to achieve independent thinking and active listening. 

  • I offer in-person or online workshops for six to eight people to plan and run meetings; facilitation of meetings when a particular issue needs to be addressed; and one-to-one sessions with senior leaders who are at a crossroads and recognises something needs to change.
  • Teams will learn how to listen, pay attention and not interrupt.
  • Employees will learn to value each other’s thinking as equal to their own, although difference is to be encouraged.


Unlock Your Team’s Best Thinking.

Too often your team’s best thinking remains hidden. You wonder why they didn’t speak up. If you can get to their thinking it may be the key to unlocking your team’s best thinking, and ideas.  By thinking in pairs and in teams deep and meaningful human connections, insights and clarity can develop. 

About Joanne

I am interested in people!

My career as an occupational health practitioner and coach has been in a variety of industries. Psychological issues are now being highlighted and referred far more than the physical. I feel this is due to the disengagement of employees with their job, relationships with colleagues, managers and/or the company; social media hasn’t helped.

This insight has led me to see the lack of awareness in initiatives being brought in with the hope they tick the boxes and everybody should be ok now. The concern I have is these are purely sticking plasters rather than discovering and dealing with the cause.

My aim is to inspire and ignite employees to think better, to feel valued and individual. To allow psychological safety, allowing meetings to become succinct and dynamic, for space and innovation, inspiration and ultimately a business that people want to join and stay.

Let's chat and find out what it's all about

The first step is a completely free chat over Zoom. We’ll discuss your issue and what I could do to help. Most importantly we will get to know each other and to see if we would like to work together.

We design a programme to suit your needs

I will follow up our chat with a Programme Recommendation, created to resolve your specific problem, this will include costs and timescales and you can decide whether you would like to proceed.

Achieve Focus and Clarity resulting in Insight and Growth

By the end of the programme you can  find a change has occurred in your teams mindset and the results will be felt throughout your organisation increasing productivity, and a feeling of value .


Find out if my programme is right for you.

The first step is a free 30 min chat which I call a Discovery Session. This takes place over Zoom. We will discuss what your concern is, I will outline what we could do and most importantly we will get to see if we can work with together. 

I will follow up the Discovery Session with a Bespoke Programme Recommendation, which will include costs and timescales and then give you the time to decide if you would like to proceed.

> Or send me a message if you have a specific question

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